Bermuda Spring Break

I tend to move the goal post on our “family vacations” in hopes of getting the hubby to do something extra special.  So I created another set of standards for what qualified and we ended up in Bermuda for JWS’s “spring break” now that the school calendar is what we live and die by  – peering into the next 30 yrs because yes, I expect my kids will want to go on vacation with me when they are  in college 🙂

By the time we finally agreed on where to go and the exact day (we knew we had to move on Easter Sunday…more on that horribleness later) flights everywhere from NYC were insane given we’re on the public school calendar.
However, we had stayed at the Fairmont Southampton twice before and found a reasonable flight deal with Delta.  We got up at the butt crack o’ dawn, painfully woke the kids up (including putting our asleep son on the toilet as wake-up call) but with a 90 min flight we were at the hotel pool mini-water slide before lunch — and the island is an hour earlier so, massive success given our drive to the keys, flight from Nantucket and most other trips.


We had 7 days, 6 nights there but being beach rats, went there the first day and it was blissfully almost empty.  The hotel provides each kid with a shovel and pail and a tropical scene from a Bond movie for the parents, or at least something like that after a few 🍹.

It’s already a memorable, heavenly blur but since we were there for a week we did some excursions around and  outside the  hotel grounds.  The boys played golf at the gorgeous par 3   They provide a ferry service into Hamilton, the capitol so we took that Wednesday morning.  Walked around, did some $$$ shopping and ate lunch.  America’s cup will be there in a month for the first time so everyone is very excited about that and we bought JWS these adorable little TABS trunks.
More to come but darcy is awake and my thought is that if I post on instagram I should have something up here but…Ta-Ta for now

PIC ONE: Hamilton Streets

TWO: Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

THREE: Naptime on the Fairmont’s Beach

FOUR: JWS getting cooky after the 4 of us shared a room

FIVE: Darcy getting sentimental on our last night at the FS’s Ocean Club restaurant

SIX: DGS living the FS Beach Club lyfe

SEVEN: JWS post-kayak with mom, pre-kayak with dad

EIGHT: getting loopy skipping a nap to stay at the beach

NINE: Post-Ferry ride from FS to Hamilton

TEN: Look at that view AT their Airport!!!

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